Sleep Date - (Houston)

Posted on: 10/30/15


Meet A SleepDate Snuggle Bunny and Snuggle Today! Sleep Date Snuggle Club delivers friendship and communication. SleepDate as the world’s #1 exclusive social snuggling network offering adult physical intimacy, online dating and up-close and snuggles-personal social networking for business and pleasure. SleepDate SnuggleBunny is Houston's hire a SnuggleBunny service. Snuggling is well known for many health benefits. It’s also fun and easy to do. Touch and warmth from another is so important and lost in our culture that it has effected every aspect of human behavior in the US. If for no other reason, you need a loving, caring, cuddler to help you not be distracted by the need that we all have to be held, loved, and respected. Rates are low because we want you to know how important this is. We are doing this to help people and the society. In-house rates are $65 an hour and $125 for two hours. Tips are welcome, but not needed. We will show up at your home and office where it’s best to be alone. Sorry no other people are allowed in the same room you are cuddling in. Make sure the sheets or couch is freshly clean. Time is important so if you have questions please ask them after you start the session. Attached not seeking sleeping try IHUG Yearning for human contact but don't enjoy hugging subway hippies? Prefer to be the small spoon but always get stuck on the outside? Do you greet your Mom at the holidays with a firm handshake? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then it's quite possible you could benefit from the services of an unlicensed, unregulated, but totally legit touch expert. Moments away from grand opening SleepDate & IHUG in Houston, TX the states first “snuggle studio”. IHUG offers 15-minute hugging sessions (at a buck a minute) to customers who want/need/long to feel loved. Or, who are possibly just cold and want to warm up. We take online donations for payments or cash. We do need a deposit before the snuggler can show up. We will send recent pictures of the snugglebunny so you know exactly who you will see.Instant Q & AAre the cuddlers professional There is no degree available in cuddling yet but your cuddler knows that feeling loved is important and our cuddlers know how to make you feel loved, listened too, respected, and relaxed.What can we do? You can watch movies on the couch or in bed, or just lay there and feel the warmth of a loving person. All cuddlers are trained and ready to help you feel comfortable with this healing experience.If you have any questions, please let me know. Phone (SMS/WhatsApp): + Web: sleep dates Discover high net-worth matchmaking, an invite-only 5-star snugglebunny club with weekly hookups and full service dating solutions including compatibility iq assessments, mergers and acquisitions SleepDate relationship management, personal introductions plus Snuggle Bunny coaching. SleepDate Snuggle Club’s commitment to longevity, sustainable relationships, optimum health and maximum wealth is strong. Our members privileges include natural drug free snuggle therapy, luxury themed snuggle events, romantic retreats, branded products, snuggle cash crowd-funding, entertainment and unparalleled snuggling-hugs-kisses experiences. SleepDate Snuggle Club Matchmaking is a global firm offering personalized matchmaking catering to Snuggle Bunnies. We deliver Smuggle Bunnies M&A relationship management, for-your-eyes-only date viewing service, personalized introductions, candidate screening solutions and private Sleep Dates Snuggle Club hosted dates. Meet our delicious, cherry picked SnuggleBunnies, extra-cuddlelicious Snugglers and ever glam full package via Sleep Date Snuggle Club Matchmaking. Experience SleepDate snuggling, snuggle-ups, passionate whirl wind romantic adventures, 5-star luxury themed snuggle dates and our exclusive intimacy infusions complimented by snuggle, hugs and kisses on demand! Membership rates for SnuggleBunny Matchmaking start at 79.99 USD to 239.99 USD. Get snuggles. Registering for this site is easy. Just email below, and we'll get a new account set up for you in no

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