Smoked Briskets AND Deep Fried Turkeys - (Houston)

Posted on: 12/04/17

Description OR 713-659-9961TURKEY -COMPLETELY THAWED AND HANDLED WITH STRICT QUALITY CONTROL -REMOVE NECK & GIBLETS -OIL PREHEATED TO 350-400 F -COOKED PER POUND DEPENDING ON WEIGHT IN LBS -COOKED UNTIL ALL DARK MEAT REACHES INTERNAL TEMP OF 175-180 F & WHITE MEAT REACHES 165-170 F -SET TO DRY/DRAIN ON FRYER PAN OR PAPER COOKING SHEET -LET TURKEY STAND FOR 20-30 MINS BEFORE REMOVING FROM RACK/BASKET -SERVEBRISKET -We use our own dry rubs and cook using your choice of wood, pecan or hickory primarily. -*ALL MEATS: Cooking time varies depending on weight. The resting period is key to completing the cooking process and locking in moisture and flavor. Once cooked and after the appropriate resting time has passed, ?all meats can be trimmed or cut appropriately. Customers can always select their wood of choice, but we encourage certain woods depending on meat OR 713-659-9961birthdays, quinceneras, tailgates, parties, game days, family reunions, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Holidays, New Year, office parties, retirement parties, events & occasions, Fall and winter parties, Potlucks, anniversariesetc... ____________Lindale Park, North Lindale, Woodland Heights, Greater Heights, Houston Heights, Lazybrook, Timbergrove, Oak Forest, garden Oaks, Shepherd Park Plaza, Independence Heights, Midtown, Neartown, Downtown, Fourth Ward, First Ward, Second Ward, Third Ward, Trinity Gardens, EADO??, etc...

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