$10 Help Needed - $10 (Houston)

Posted on: 12/14/17



Help! A Team, Batman,Law Enforcement My 82 year old grandfather was scammed by the guy in the picture below. Evidently he does this for a living and has a system. Law Enforcement says oh well. My plea is not for money, it’s to stop this from happening. He still has a website. Still a Google voice number , still rips people off daily. My hope is someone will have the resources to stop him. His number is +1 832-934-4580. He’s been doing it since 2013. If you know someone who can help please forward this. If not just repost so no one else gets scammed. Repost on social media, someone ,somewhere will help. For all of you sitting back saying it’s not my problem, today it was my family, tomorrow it could be your mom, grandmother , father , grandfather etc. I will forward any documents to anyone concerned. Please help this go viral so he is stopped.

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